Surface Standard & Extended warranty for Business

Overview: Standard Warranty

Surface devices and all in-box accessories are covered under a limited standard warranty, including the bundled Surface power supply. Surface accessories that are sold separately, including video adapters, Touch or Type Covers and Surface Pens are covered by a the Surface accessory warranty included in the box at time of purchase. PC mice are covered for three (3) years under our standard PC Hardware warranty. The standard warranty covers defects in manufacturing and failures where there is normal use of the device according to the product use instructions. Microsoft will replace the Surface device with a new or refurbished product. There are no same-unit-repair services at this time. Defective batteries are limited to one battery replacement during the warranty term, provided the battery is the original rechargeable unit supplied by Microsoft at time of initial purchase. Customer induced damage, cosmetic issues, unauthorized repair, and cracked screens are not covered and may void the limited warranty. Under any of these scenarios, the customer may have the option to pay the out of warranty service fee and obtain an exchange unit, or if the customer has Accidental Damage Protection for the device, the device may be eligible for an ADP claim (see below). Severe physical damage and liquid damage are not covered by the standard warranty and are not replaceable. The Limited (Standard) Warranty terms and conditions can be found at:  


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